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Principal Tutors provides experienced and qualified 11+tutors in all of the Grammar School areas of England. We manage a carefully selected team of enthusiastic  and experienced 11+ tutors to ensure your child secures a place at their chosen independent or grammar school.

We provide home tutors and online tutors. All our 11+ tutors are degree qualified, experienced with the specific requirements of the 11+ entrance exams and are vetted by us.

Areas with Grammar School 11+ Entrance Exams

We have 11+ tutors experienced with helping pupils to gain entry to the independent and grammar schools all around England including:

When should my child start 11+ tuition?

We have found that most parents start to prepare their children for the 11+ exams at least a year in advance, and year 4/5 is typical, although some families do start earlier.

What Subjects are Covered in the 11+

The grammar schools around England have different types of entrance exams comprising of a mixture of verbal, non-verbal reasoning, maths, English, numerical reasoning and creative writing. The two main boards used by most schools are GL and CEM. Our specialist 11+ tutors have extensive experience and knowledge of the requirements of the 11+ entrance exams across the UK and are available for private one to one tuition, either as home tutors or online tutors.

11+ Tutors across the UK

11+ Tutors across the UK

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Our rates start from just £27 per hour for one to one 11+ tuition.

Contact us by filling in the form or calling us on 0800 772 0974 and we will arrange your tutor to contact you within 24 hours.



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Book Your 11+ Tutor Now

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