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Client Terms

Last updated: June 17, 2022

In this agreement:

“Principal Tutors” means Principal Tutors Ltd whose registered office is 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, England, N1 7GU Company Registration Number 11419630.

Student” means either (1) the child for whom the Client has parental responsibility or (2) the Client where the Client is the Student.

Tutor” means the Tutor introduced by Principal Tutors to the Client to provide tuition to the Student
Platform means a third-party tuition business management software for the purposes of scheduling lessons, invoicing of Clients and payments to Tutors and Principal Tutors.

This Agreement is for the introduction of a tutor(s) by Principal Tutors to the Client for the provision of tuition services to the Student in accordance with the following terms of business.

Principal Tutors is responsible for:
– introducing Clients to an appropriate Tutor for their specific requirements and can accept no responsibility for the style or content of the tutoring sessions; the teaching methods and teaching manner which are at the Tutor’s discretion for which the Tutor is fully responsible.
– providing a Platform for the purposes of Tutors to record their schedules and hours taught and for the facilitation of payments to Tutors directly and Principal Tutors directly, via a payment splitting at source approach to billing.

1 Tuition Fees
1.1 Tuition is billed by the hour and charged to the Client on a monthly or per-lesson basis in arrears.
1.2 The Client agrees to pay the tuition fee as agreed in writing or verbally by Principal Tutors.
1.3 The Client agrees to make all payments via debit/credit card via the Platform.
1.4 The tuition fee comprises the Tutor’s fee and Principal Tutors’ fee, which shall be charged as one combined sum and subsequently split at the moment of payment so that separate payments can be paid to the Tutor’s Stripe account and to Principal Tutors Stripe account via the Platform
1.5 The payment terms are 3 days from the date of the invoice sent to the Client.
2 Cancellations
Changes to scheduled tutoring sessions should be kept to a minimum to avoid disruption to Student progress. Should the Client need to cancel or reschedule a tutoring session, the Client should contact the Tutor directly giving the Tutor 24 hours notice (except in unforeseeable circumstances). Please note that there can be considerable preparation involved before each tutoring session and therefore cancellations without 24 hours notice may be charged at the standard hourly rate.
3 Tutoring stopped by the Tutor
If a Tutor, for any reason, is no longer able to provide tutoring sessions for the Client, the Tutor must give 7 days notice to the Client and Principal Tutors. Principal Tutors will introduce to the Client an alternative Tutor subject to a suitable Tutor being available at the time.
4 Tuition stopped by the Client
The Client should give at least 7 days notice to the Tutor and to Principal Tutors if the Client decides to cancel the tuition and provided that it is in best interests of the Student and both parties agree, the requirement to give notice may be waived.
5 Expenses
All expenses (e.g. books, travel) incurred by the Tutor must be agreed between the Client and the Tutor in advance.
6 Non – solicitation
Private arrangements for tuition with a Tutor introduced by Principal Tutors are not permitted. Should the Client breach this obligation, they will be liable to account to Principal Tutors for all sums paid to the Tutor without deduction and Principal Tutors shall be entitled to take legal action to prevent further breaches. This obligation shall continue notwithstanding termination of this agreement.

7 Liability

7.1 Principal Tutors is only responsible for finding Clients an appropriate Tutor for the specific subject. Principal Tutors does not accept and responsibility for the style or content of the tutoring sessions, the teaching methods and teaching manner, which are to be determined by the Tutor and are the total responsibility of the Tutor.
7.2 Principal Tutors does not accept any liability for any claims by the Client or the Student arising out of or related to the carrying out of the tutoring by a Tutor introduced by Principal Tutors. Nothing in this agreement shall operate to exclude liability for acts omissions or other liability which cannot be excluded by law.
8 Data Protection Act
The Client agrees to the use of their personal data by Principal Tutors for the purpose of effecting introductions to Tutors, for billing and fee collecting purposes and to enable Principal Tutors to contact the Client from time to time and Principal Tutors will use any client data for the purposes of the services that it provides under this agreement.

9 Policies
Any opinion expressed by a Tutor is not necessarily an expression of the opinion of Principal Tutors.
10 General
Unless otherwise agreed in writing by Principal Tutors, the terms of this agreement shall prevail over any other terms or conditions put forward by the Client and such terms may be altered from time to time provided any such change has been notified to the Client.
11 Approval
Acceptance of our services will be taken to represent agreement to these terms.