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Now that broadband internet access has populated the UK, the reliability of virtual online classrooms using whiteboards with integrated audio and optional video capability has become a reality. Modern technology now allows students to benefit from the very best tutors regardless of where they  live using our effective online tuition platform.


Online Tuition Whiteboard during one of our Online Maths Tutoring Sessions



Online tuition need not be a technically complicated endeavour, indeed we are firm believers in the 'keeping it simple' philosophy when it comes to the uptake of technology within the supplementary education field. For that reason, you will find our online tuition rooms to be a simple to use and highly effective communication tool.


How does Online Tuition Work?

We give you a link to one of our 'online tuition rooms', which is essentially an online whiteboard like the one shown here. Both tutor and student can write on the whiteboard and they are also able to hear each other. If you choose, we can also initialise video communication between tutor and student, although this is not necessary. The main point to realise is that both tutor and student are able to see the whiteboard on their screen and both are able to write on it, and so a tutoring session can take place as per normal. You do not need any special equipment, although if you have headphones you may benefit from using them. It really is quite easy and there is nothing to it.

Online Maths Tutors

Principal Tutors have specialist online maths tutors that can help you or your child gain confidence in maths and bring about an improvement in grades.


Here at Principal Tutors we have a range of qualified online English tutors covering KS3, GCSE and A-level.


Our online science tutors can help you with all of the sciences including physics, chemistry and biology at all levels including KS3, GCSE and A-level.


We are highly selective about who our online tutors are, and like you, we have high expectations of their online tutoring capabilities. All of Principal Tutors online tutors are selected on the same grounds as our home tutors and thus are in a position to provide you with a professional one to one online tutoring service. Our online tutors are qualified with university degrees, teaching certificates, professional qualifications or a combination thereof.

All our online tutors are subject to the same thorough screening and vetting process as our home tutors.


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Use the contact form on this page to enquire about booking your online tutor now. Our rates start at £30 per hour for a qualified, experienced and UK based online tutor.

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