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55 Parent Reviews
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55 Parent Reviews

Key Stage 2 is a pivotal time for young students, covering years 3 – 6. At the start of Key Stage 2, children are still not far from the beginning of their schooling journey. By the end of Key Stage 2, they face exams like the SATs and possibly the 11+ with high school on […]

There’s a good reason why English, science and maths are required at GCSE level. They’re subject areas that provide skills needed in many other areas of study and in all future avenues of life. In the case of English, its influence might be far broader than it first appears. Of course, it’s important to be […]

Taking A level English language is a great choice for students who love to really examine and analyse how language functions. Rather than focusing on fiction and story, the English language A level considers the components of the English language – like phonetics, grammar and vocabulary – and how they work together to shape communication. […]

When it comes to education and learning, the internet can be immensely helpful in so many ways. Online dictionaries put vocabulary words at students’ fingertips. Revision sites like Quizlet enable children to make virtual flash cards. And Google docs allow students to collaborate in ways that paper could never. But one site that isn’t the […]

It’s easy to think that a child’s academic performance in primary school English doesn’t really matter, as only their high school achievements will affect their career or higher education prospects. However, that’s only partly correct. True, marks on tests and assignments won’t follow a child in future life. But the English skills a child develops […]

Finding a one-on-one English tutor is a powerful move to help boost skills and confidence in English as a subject. No matter how great a student’s English teacher is, there is something different in the dynamic between a tutor and a student alone compared to that of a classroom setting. For one, in individual tutoring […]

There’s really no student who can’t benefit from English tutoring. The subject area of English language and literature is so broad that English tutoring includes a vast variety of different skills – reading comprehension, literary analysis, essay writing, fiction writing, argument and rhetoric, grammar and many more. Even the most proficient student will find they […]

It goes without saying that a strong command of English is an invaluable skill for UK students. Of course, English is a required subject through GCSEs – but English proficiency is also necessary for almost every other subject, even STEM ones. If a student is studying mathematics, they still need to understand written problems, which […]

A level maths has long been considered valuable by students, universities and employers alike. There are so many careers that draw on maths both directly and indirectly that A level maths is bound to be an asset.  That’s why, once you’ve got A level maths under your belt, you might be keen to begin using […]

Revision looks so easy in the movies. Just a quick musical montage and some shots of a student at their desk, and voila – it’s done!  In real life, of course, revision is a bit more complicated. In fact, revising for GCSE maths can seem very complex. We’ve all heard the advice about doing past […]

Once upon a time, GCSE maths achievement was assessed through coursework that was completed before the exam as well as through the exam itself. However, that’s not the case anymore! Today, your GCSE maths grade is based completely on performance during exams. If that sounds stressful, don’t worry. We’re here with a breakdown of everything […]

When GCSEs are on the horizon, there are some important decisions you have to make. What subjects should you choose? What grades should you aim for based on what you want to do after GCSEs? You’ll also find that your school makes some decisions using your previous school marks as a basis to predict what’s […]

There’s a reason that mathematics has been the most popular A level subject since 2014. Maths plays a crucial part in many further education qualifications and career paths – and we all use it in daily life too, no matter what goals we’re pursuing at work or in school. So why is maths important for […]

If you’re aiming for a 4 or 5 on GCSE mathematics, you might have started looking for advice about how to pass GCSE maths. If so, congratulations! You’re already on the right course.  That’s because a major part of passing GCSE maths is taking charge of your own learning. You may have seen advice about […]

9 Careers & Jobs with a Maths Degree  Given Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s 2023 announcement that the UK would place more emphasis on maths education, mathematics is a hot topic at the moment.   If you’re currently in secondary school or the parent of a student who is, you might be wondering – is it better […]

The Evolution of Online Tutoring Specific Benefits of Online Tuition Research into the Benefits of Online Tuition The Evolution of Online Tutoring All tuition provided by Principal Tutors takes place online. Whilst there has definitely been a considerable shift from in-person to online lessons in the last five years, the history of distance learning stretches […]


We are so happy with our 11+ tutor, she is always very professional and approachable, and she is helping my son to gain in confidence for his grammar school entrance exams next term.


Very happy with the Tutor who is working with my daughter for the 11+. He always replies to emails promptly, engages my daughter during the online lesson, and she's enjoying the work. Thank you.


We were recommended a tutor for our needs very quickly and were able to start immediately. My daughter is getting tutoring for her 11+ exam and according to her, the tutor is amazing. There is a long way until the exam but she managed to bust my daughter's confidence in Maths. Thank you!


Thank you for recommending such an amazing physics tutor for my son. We are now confident he will achieve the graded he needs to get into the uni of his choice, which is all down to the support we received from Principal Tutors and our wonderful tutor.