Revision Tuition & Holiday Tuition

One to One Revision Tuition

Principal Tutors can help pupils with their revision for exams by providing you with your own private one to one tutor for intensive revision tuition. Revision tuition can be booked in blocks of 3-6 hours thereby providing the opportunity for the tutor to work with the pupil on all of the necessary preparation work for the upcoming examinations.

Our one to one revision courses can be tailored to respond to the unique requirements of each pupil, and thus an entirely bespoke revision programme can be compiled for each pupil.


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Revision Courses

Principal Tutors also run crash-style revision courses at key points in the year for GCSE and A-level maths and English. These courses are usually a full day in length and the group sizes are small (usually no more than 9), which allows our tutors to respond to individual pupil requirements throughout the course.

Revision courses are a cost effective way of helping your child to prepare for their upcoming examinations. Please contact your local branch for further details.


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Holiday Tuition

Does you child need to catch up with their work?

Would your child benefit from some holiday tuition?

We can provide you with a private tutor to work with your child over the holiday period to help them catch up with any work that they may have not fully understood during term time. One to one tutors are able to make an initial assessment to identify any weaknesses in the pupil's knowledge and understanding and then use this to create a custom plan of work that is specific to the unique learning requirements of your child. Tutoring on a one to one basis is far more effective than learning in a traditional group setting in a typical classroom, and so you will often find that your child will make significant progress with their education in relatively short time period, compared to that during class.

Tutors can be booked for once or twice a week and bookings are flexible to accommodate and work around any holidays that you may have booked already for instance.

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