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About our Online English Tutors

Our online English tutors are certified teachers that have gained their qualifications working in US schools and colleges. In addition, we select English tutors that have significant classroom teaching experience; this ensures that they are competent at working with school age pupils. Therefore, you can rest assured that our online tutors know how to engage pupils and how to explain concepts in a fun and interesting manner.

Tuition is online and one to one. Your English tutor may conduct an informal initial assessment to gauge baseline levels and then use this to formulate a programme of personalised tuition going forwards. This process will be shared with you and you are encouraged to discuss the results with your tutor.

We can allocate you an online English tutor for any of the following:

  • Elementary English
  • Middle school English
  • High School English
  • College Admissions English
    • ASAT, SAT and AP English tuition
    • AP English Language and Composition
    • AP English Literature and Composition

English and Language Arts Tutors

Professional and Certified online English tutors selected for their dedication to helping students learn English at all levels. Your online English tutor can help with basic reading, writing and linguistic/communication skills taught at elementary school level, moving to include more complicated reading comprehension, grammar and semantics of creative writing at middle school level. At high school level your English tutor can help with developing analytical and essay writing skills and the interpretation and dissection of the five skills of language arts in order to gain a deeper understanding of literature.

We have different Online English Tutors that specialise in the many aspects of English instruction, including:

  • Reading Tutors
  • Writing Tutors
  • SAT/ACT Tutors

Why Principal Tutors?

We help at all levels of the education system to achieve their true potential and academic goals.

Tutor-Pupil Matching Service

Are you tired of searching for a tutor with experience teaching and recognised qualifications? Let us take on that job for you. Simply tell us the subject and level your child is studying and we will then introduce you to the right tutor for your circumstances. If you are not happy, we will allocate you an alternative tutor at any time.

Qualified Certified Tutors

We have high expectations of our tutors, and select only the most qualified, experienced and dedicated to work with. Our tutors come from a diverse background and are chosen for their specialist qualifications, enthusiasm for teaching and knowledge of K-12 and test preps for SAT, ASAT and AP.

Personal Customer Service

We are a privately owned independent tutoring businesses owned and ran by teaching professionals with years of experience in the education field. We provide you with a personal touch to customer service, so that you can contact us to discuss any aspect of your child’s education. We have first-hand knowledge of the tutoring sector in the US.

Written Feedback

You can expect written feedback after every lesson direct from your tutor as part of our service, so that you can always see what progress your child is making over time.

Tutor-Pupil Matching

We can assign an online English tutor to you within 24 hours

Are you tired of being presented with a list of tutor profiles to review? We take the hassle out of that process. Simply contact us with your requirements and we will assign you a fully certified school teacher for one to one online English tuition within 24 hours. We have already done the filtering for you: we reject 98% of the tutors that apply to work with us! So, you can be assured that the English tutor we select will be of a suitable calibre for your requirements. Of course, it’s a no obligation introduction, and you are free to ask for another tutor or cancel at any time.


There are no tie-ins or contracts or payments upfront, and you only pay for the lessons you have. We recommend a consistent approach to tuition for progress to be made.

How does Online Tuition Work?

We find that online English tuition is far more effective if delivered on a one to one basis by a Certified teacher. This way, it is possible to engage the pupil in a dialogue whereby your English tutor can start to understand how the pupil learns and where the gaps in their knowledge lie. Our virtual online classrooms use digital whiteboards with integrated audio and video capability. Both tutor and student can see and hear each other, write on the whiteboard and learning material can be uploaded to the learning space. This means a highly effective and efficient one to one tutoring session can take place, without the student having to travel anywhere.

Submit your details and we will assign you a qualified teacher within 24-48 hours

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