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We Can Help you with AP Tests

AP tuition and tests help prepare you for your college journey because they mirror the level of work and test preparation that will later be required of you. If your goal is a highly selective college or if you simply want to earn college credit, sitting AP exams is important. Since many students compete for a small number of spots at their chosen college, it is important that students are well prepared to take their AP exams. Preparation is the key for success with your AP test and studying hard is therefore required.

We can help you excel with your AP tests with the help of one of our expert online AP tutors for any of the following:

  • AP Math tuition
    • AP Math
    • AP Calculus AB
    • AP Calculus BC
    • AP Computer Science A
    • AP Computer Science Principles
    • AP Statistics


  • AP English tuition
    • AP English Language and Composition
    • AP English Literature and Composition


  • AP Science tuition
    • AP Biology
    • AP Chemistry
    • AP Environmental Science
    • AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism
    • AP Physics C: Mechanics
    • AP Physics 1: Algebra-Based
    • AP Physics 2: Algebra-Based

Why Principal Tutors?

We help at all levels of the education system to achieve their true potential and academic goals.

Qualified Teachers

We only work with Qualified teachers who have significant classroom experience teaching the UK National Curriculum.

Tutor-Pupil Matching Service

Simply tell us about your requirements and we will introduce you to the right tutor for your child. If you are not happy, we will allocate you an alternative tutor at any time.

Personal Customer Support

With years of experience in the education field, we can provide you with a personal touch to customer service, so that you can contact us to discuss any aspect of your child’s education any time.

About our AP Tutors

Our online AP tutors are certified teachers that have gained their qualifications and experience teaching in US schools and colleges. It is important to us that tutors are qualified teachers as this ensures that they are competent at explaining concepts in a way that students can relate to and gain maximum benefit from.

Our online AP tutors are highly trained in test-taking methods and can review your practice tests to examine your next steps to success whilst helping you learn important material for the test. Our online AP tutors have received excellent scores themselves, and will work closely with you learning about your interests, skills and personality so as to design a roadmap for your success and to work with you every step of the way to gain admission to your dream college.

Tuition is online and one to one. The tutor may conduct an informal initial assessment to gauge baseline levels and then use this to formulate a personalised AP tuition plan specifically for you. This process will be shared with you and you are encouraged to discuss the results with your tutor.


We provide written feedback on every AP lesson so you can monitor progress.

We Tutor-Pupil Match For You

Are you tired of being presented with a list of AP tutor profiles to review? We take the hassle out of that process. Simply contact us with your requirements and we will assign you a fully certified AP tutor for one to one tuition within 24 hours. We have already done the filtering for you: we reject 98% of the AP tutors that apply to work with us! So, you can be assured that the tutor we select will be of a suitable calibre for your requirements. Of course, it’s a no obligation introduction, and you are free to ask for another tutor or cancel at any time.

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“Fees for one to one tuition from £34/hr.”